Deacon Blue - A New House

Deacon Blue returned to Chem 19 studios in Glasgow early in March. Once again, they have been working with Paul Savage.

There is a short video from Ricky here.

The album is called 'A New House' and was released on 8th September on Rhino Records.

You can order the album from PledgeMusic (and also from Amazon ). PledgeMusic has lots of exclusive formats, and the band will get more money if you order from them.

The tracklisting for the album is:

  1. Bethlehem Begins
  2. For John Muir
  3. A New House
  4. An Ocean
  5. The Living
  6. I Wish I Was A Girl Like You
  7. Win
  8. Wild
  9. March
  10. Our New Land
  11. I Remember Every Single Kiss

There is also a bonus CD available (currently only as part as a box set including a vinyl album, a poster and postcards) containing B sides. The boxset was originally sold via PledgeMusic, but is now only available on Amazon.

The Bonus CD is called 'Bloom' and the tracklisting is:

  1. Bloom
  2. That's What We Can Do
  3. All Of This Or Nothing At All
  4. Just Come Home Now
  5. She'll Understand
  6. Scent And Cigarettes
  7. God Gives You Dreams
  8. It'll End In Tears
  9. Is There No Way Back To You
  10. More People More
  11. Just Fine

God Gives You Dreams is available as a bonus track on iTunes (if you already have the standard album, you can purchase it individually), and 'Bloom' is intended to be sold at the gigs in December.

Ricky posted some information on the tracks that make up Bloom on PledgeMusic. Now the album has been released, here's what he had to say:

Bloom: This song was the title track to the album for a long time. It set the agenda for an idea I’d wanted to explore for a long time and I recently found a quote which sums it up best, ‘No winter shall abate the spring’s increase.’ From Love’s Growth by John Donne

That’s What We Can Do: This version of the song that really broke through on radio for us two years ago is a slightly more left field version of the song. It’s my clunky piano and features some great mando from Gregor too. He’s responsible for all the guitars and bass too.

All Of This Or Nothing At All: All of these new songs were sketches and ideas that eventually got better said elsewhere of seemed superfluous to the core of A New House. This one really was really mainly me – hence no Lorraine – building up the track as I went along. Gregor stepped in and typed out my scribbles. (as it were)

Just Come Home Now: Another RR attempt at writing the perfect song. In the end it just didn’t seem an original enough song – but it has some good moments.

She’ll Understand: The first demo of one of the early songs from The Hipsters. I really like the demo but we thought it all sounded a bit too familiar as an arrangement for the album. It maybe that you like the familiarity though...

Scent And Cigarettes: Written with our good friend and ex bass player Scott Fraser. I love this song but it has never found a good home…until now.

God Gives You Dreams: This is a track we cut together at Chem 19 for the new album. It always felt like it would struggle to fit in and sounds better on this compilation that when we tried to shoehorn it in to the running order for A New House.

It’ll End In Tears: The original demo for this song had a different feel to the final version we released on The Hipsters that we thought you’d like to hear it. It was one of the tracks which led us to believe the album might turn out all right. Check out the retro synth pads on the verse.

Is There No Way Back To You: The original version of this song was hastily recorded at home between Lorraine and myself. It always felt like this could be the way it was done until we found that beautiful version with Jim’s beautiful hook.

More People More: A cowrite with Lorraine who came up with the great chorus hook. It’s matched to my (not very good) verse. Originally a contender for The Hipsters.

Just Fine: I wrote and recorded this one entire evening a few months ago….. By the end of the night it I realised it was all there. It’s a deliberate attempt to affirm my belief that Scottish people will come together perfectly at the end of the referendum debate.

'A New House' will be the first single from the album and here is the video.