City Of Love

Some Deacon Blue albums are recorded in secret - this one I've known about for a few months.

Back in February, when the band were in Spain, they let it be known they had loads of new songs, and hoped to get in the studio in the Summer. At the Glad Cafe, Ricky admitted there were still 'too many songs', but that Gregor was doing a great job of helping to produce the album. And now, all can be revealed. The new album, 'City Of Love' will be released on EarMusic on 6th March 2020. You can pre-order it now on TM Stores

The album has been produced by Ricky and Gregor Philp

The track list is as follows:

  1. City Of Love
  2. Hit Me Where It Hurts
  3. Weight Of The World
  4. Take Me
  5. In Our Room
  6. Intervals
  7. Keeping My Faith Alive
  8. A Walk In The Woods
  9. Come On In
  10. Wonderful
  11. On Love

Pre-orders will get a code for early access to tickets for the tour.