2012 Album

In September 2010, Ricky announced on the official site that he had been writing some new songs for a Deacon Blue Album. In March 2012, he announced on Facebook that the band had gone into the studio and had started to record songs for the album and were working with Paul Savage as producer.

The album, called 'The Hipsters' is planned for release on September 24th on Edsel Records, a subsidiary of Demon Music. The track listing is:

  1. Here I Am In London Town
  2. The Hipsters
  3. Stars
  4. Turn
  5. The Rest
  6. The Outsiders
  7. That's What We Can Do
  8. She'll Understand
  9. Laura From Memory
  10. It Will End In Tears
  11. Is There No Way Back To You?

The album can be ordered from iTunes. The iTunes album will include one extra track: This Year's Drug Of Choice. The bonus track can also be downloaded separately. There is also another bonus track available on the official website.

On April 12, Ricky announced on the FaceBook page that they had started mixing the album.

On May 17, Ricky announced that some tracks were being remixed by Ash Howes. (The Hipsters and The Outsiders.)

On May 31, Ricky announced that the album had been mastered (like all the previous Deacon Blue albums) by Tim Young, and he now had the finished album.

On June 15, Ricky announced that the album would be called 'The Hipsters.'

On June 20, Ricky announced the track listing and release date.

On July 6, the artwork was released.

For more information (including quotes from the band) on the Hipsters, please click here

Demon Records will also be re-releasing Deacon Blue's other albums as deluxe editions later in the year. Each of the deluxe editions will contain a remastered version of the original album, plus B sides from the singles released from that album, and in some cases a DVD. Demon will be releasing:

The B Sides from Riches and Ooh Las Vegas will be on the Raintown and When The World Knows your name albums.

There will be an additional album, for completists, (according to Ricky) called 'The Rest' (2 CDs and 1 DVD) containing material from Walking Back Home, Our Town, Singles and Ooh Las Vegas.

For more information on the reissues, please click here.

More information will be added as it becomes available.