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This page will contain all the site updates, and frequently contains news items.

October 27th 2020 - Finally got round to putting up the rescheduled tour dates.

November 8th 2019 - All the details of the 2020 tour, and the new album.

October 28th 2019 - Setlist from the Cyrenian Supper Club gig.

September 16th 2019 -There's been other updates, but these are the first MP3s for a long time. First tracks from the Glad Cafe are up. If I get a better recording, they will be replaced.

December 22nd 2018 - The first batch of MP3s from the tour are up.

December 17th 2018 - The tour is over, and all the setlists are now on the site. I'm starting to sort through recordings from the tour - hopefully some MP3s will make it to the site before Christmas.

November 14th 2018 - The tour has started, and I've brought the site up to date.

March 14th 2018 - A few completely new MP3s, plus remasters of all the tracks from The Village gig in December 2001. These were also from a soundboard, but this time the soundboard was a mono minidisc. (But, the soundboard recording is WAY better than the old audience bootleg.)

March 6th 2018 - A few completely new MP3s, plus remasters of all the tracks from the first night at the Tramway in 1997, this time from the original soundboard DAT.

February 27th 2018 - Setlists up to date, and a few gigs added. MP3s will be added later in the week. Sorry for the 'radio silence' - a lot of things have happened in my personal life, and I've had little free time.

December 4th 2017 - Setlists all up to date. Hopefully there will be some MP3s in the next day or two.

November 29th 2017 - Setlists brought up to date. I'm off to London town later.

November 20th 2017 - All the setlists brought up to date.

November 16th 2017 - Setlists from Dundee and Aberdeen.

November 13th 2017 - Setlists from Bristol and Liverpool. A batch of new MP3s - hopefully there will be a couple more batches of MP3s this week.

November 8th 2017 - Setlists from the first three gigs of the tour.

November 3rd 2017 - Some more tracks from November 2001 - some Deacon Blue, some solo - some new to the site - some much better recordings... And finally added the Celtic Connections gig.

October 20th 2017 - A few new tracks from 2001, and one curio from 2002.

October 10th 2017 - Some new soundboard files - this time it's the turn of Celtic Connections in Edinburgh, back in 1999. A few tracks had already been on the site (from a very dodgy audience bootleg) - and there's still one track from that bootleg left on the site.

October 5th 2017 - A batch of soundboard MP3s from 2001. Some are brand new - a few have replaced files I already had on the site.

September 26th 2017 - Four new MP3s - three from Deacon Blue - one from when Ricky Ross supported Capercaillie.

September 25th 2017 - The tour dates for the 2018 tour are now on the website.

September 19th 2017 - The last batch of tracks from the 1996 and 2000 tours. The next update will be some Deacon Blue material, but I'm not sure exactly what yet!

September 7th 2017 - A few more tracks from 'What You Are'. Not sure what next week will bring.

August 31st 2017 - Some more radio sessions, and the first few tracks from the 'What You Are' tour. The 'old' tracks from the Mean Fiddler gig will be removed shortly, as I'll be putting up different/better recordings, so grab them from the 1996 page if you want them!

August 23rd 2017 - Some more tracks from March 2000, plus some more radio sessions.

August 15th 2017 - Most of today's update is from Ricky's shows from March 2000. There will be some more tracks from this tour in a couple of weeks.

August 10th 2017 - A few new tracks from the Homesick 1 tour. I've also put up another radio session track.

August 7th 2017 - A batch of new MP3s - two more radio session tracks, four tracks from Glasgow Dec 89 (two were already on the site, but these come from a much better recording) and an acoustic track from 1993.

August 4th 2017 - The first of the radio interviews, along with some long lost radio session tracks, and a couple of new songs from the 1990 tour.

August 3rd 2017 - Some more updates, mainly from Hammersmith - May 1989.

August 1st 2017 - The first of this weeks updates from the archive.

July 31st 2017 - Setlists for the two festivals from the weekend added.

July 28th 2017 - A few new MP3s, including early versions of songs from soundchecks.

July 26th 2017 - Added a few MP3s from 1988.

July 25th 2017 - Added Short Stories (eventually.) Added a number of new MP3s from 1993. You will probably see a LOT of new MP3s very quickly.

July 23rd 2017 - Not done an update for a long time - sorry - work got very busy... But, exciting things happening very soon. All the setlists for this year are now up, along with all the tour dates.

February 8th 2017 - Details of the Barrowlands DVD/Blu-Ray now available. Also updated ticket details for all of this year's gigs.

December 5th 2016 - Bye bye Barrowlands, the tour is over. Setlists are now up for the entire tour.

December 2nd 2016 - Setlist up for the Edinburgh gig.

December 1st 2016 - Setlist up for the second Glasgow gig. A batch of MP3s (mainly from Birmingham but also a couple from Bristol went up yesterday afternoon.

November 30th 2016 - Setlist up for the first Glasgow gig. With a bit of luck I might put up some MP3s from the tour later today.

November 28th 2016 - Setlists now all up to date with this weekend's gigs.

November 24th 2016 - Cardiff and Manchester setlists on the site. Someone has also found a cassette from Whitley Bay Ice Rink in 1989, so that setlist has now been added to the site as well.

November 21st 2016 - Setlists now up to date.

November 16th 2016 - Setlists are up for Newcastle and Nottingham. I'm off to London Town tonight.

November 14th 2016 - Setlists are up for Perth and Sheffield.

November 10th 2016 - Setlists are up for the two Irish gigs. Also added confirmation that the band will be playing at CarFest next Summer.

October 6th 2016 - Added the setlist from the Scunthorpe Gig.

October 3rd 2016 - Put up the setlists from the October 1988 tour now that the Believers boxset is released.

September 23rd 2016 - A handful of new tracks from 1999.

August 17th 2016 - After some discussions on Facebook, updated tracks from 1990 - new versions from Wembley Arena, Frankfurt and Murcia (a gig that no-one's heard before.)

August 16th 2016 - Added the setlist from Feile. You lucky people getting to hear two songs from the album!

July 26th 2016 - Added some tracks from the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall gig on 31st Dec 1991. From this point onwards, I'll be putting up MP3s one or two shows at a time, rather than trying to do a tour at once. Also, removed the MP3s from the October 88 tour for now.

July 11th 2016 - Added information on 'The Believers'

June 15th 2016 - Added better versions of some tracks from Glasgow Barrowlands in April 1988, along with Little Red Corvette from Madrid.

May 23th 2016 - Something really special - someone recently sent me some tracks from the London Marquee gig in 1987.

May 20th 2016 - Setlist added from the Steeple gig back in March and also added ticket details for Feile.

May 16th 2016 - Setlist added from Aintree.

February 29th 2016 - Irish Tour Dates added - tickets go on sale on Friday.

February 3rd 2016 - The tour dates for the Winter tour are on the site.

January 22nd 2016 - Added details of the first gig for the year.

January 2nd 2016 - Added the Stonehaven setlist.

November 30th 2015 - Final setlist from Ricky's solo tour.

November 27th 2015 - And Ricky's back in the Paradiso... Hasn't been there for years!

November 24th 2015 - Added the setlist from Gateshead along with MP3s from Birmingham.

November 23rd 2015 - Added the setlists from Wavendon and Birmingham. Four MP3s from Wavendon.

November 20th 2015 - Put up MP3s from four more gigs.

November 19th 2015 - And I made it to the London gig. There's a few MP3s for you.

November 18th 2015 - Setlists from the Manchester and Bristol gigs.

November 16th 2015 - Setlists from the second Glasgow gig and the New Brighton gig. I'm travelling for most of the week, so updates may not be quite as frequent.

November 13th 2015 - Put up the setlist from the first of Glasgow gigs.

November 12th 2015 - Put up the setlist from Dundee. I've also received the first recording from the tour, so there are a few MP3s on the site. I've also put up a few tracks from the 1993 gig.

November 10th 2015 - Put up the setlist from Aberdeen.

November 9th 2015 - Put up the setlists from Galway and Edinburgh.

November 6th 2015 - Put up the setlist from Dublin, and if you take a look at the 1993 page, there's a very rare solo recording of Ricky.

November 5th 2015 - Put up the setlist from Belfast.

November 2nd 2015 - Put up the setlist from the warm up gig.

July 10th 2015 - Put up one of the tracks from BBC Music Day.

June 9th 2015 - Added the setlist for the BBC Music Day gig.

May 31st 2015 - Added the second Glasgow date and the first European date in a long time.

May 19th 2015 - Added the Silverstone date.

May 18th 2015 - Added the Irish dates.

May 15th 2015 - Put up all the dates (so far) for Ricky's Solo Tour in November.

December 22nd 2014 - Added the setlists for the final two gigs from the tour. I got a much better recording from London, so I've put up a new version of Circus Lights as well as tracks from Harrogate, London and Edinburgh.

December 19th 2014 - Three more MP3s, this time from Nottingham.

December 18th 2014 - Added the setlist for Manchester. Recordings are starting to come in, so I've put up some more MP3s from the tour.

December 17th 2014 - Added the setlist for Birmingham.

December 16th 2014 - Added the setlist for London.

December 15th 2014 - Added the setlists for Harrogate and Nottingham. I should be at London tonight.

December 11th 2014 - The first few sound clips from the tour.

December 10th 2014 - Setlist for Cardiff.

December 9th 2014 - Setlist for Sheffield.

December 8th 2014 - Setlist for Inverness and Newcastle.

December 5th 2014 - Setlist for Dundee added.

December 3rd 2014 - And the second of the Glasgow gigs.

December 2nd 2014 - Setlist for the first of the Glasgow gigs.

December 1st 2014 - The tour is underway. I have the setlists from Kilmarnock and Aberbeen.

September 18th 2014 - Setlist for A Night For Scotland

September 8th 2014 - With the release of A New House, I've added in some detail on the bonus CD, Bloom

August 22nd 2014 - Added the setlist from Linlithgow.

August 18th 2014 - Added the tracklisting for Bloom.

July 21st 2014 - Added the setlists for Thetford and Westonbirt.

July 10th 2014 - After 'A New House' got it's first play on Ken Bruce's show on Radio 2 yesterday, we can now bring you the video.

July 9th 2014 - Added the link to purchase the first track from the new album.

July 7th 2014 - Added setlist for Dalby, and details on A New House. Sorry for the delay - I was on holiday last week, in an internet notspot!

May 1st 2014 - Added all of the setlists from 1994 along with Roskilde from 1990.

April 25th 2014 - Added a batch of setlists from 1993.

April 17th 2014 - Added the Andrea Kearney benefit.

April 10th 2014 - Added the tour dates for 'A New House'.

March 18th 2014 - Added a number of new tracks from soundboard recordings of the 2012 tour.

March 13th 2014 - Added a small amount of info on the new album. Also, put up the MP3s from 2002. With this update all tours are now represented on the site. There will be another update next week with a few tracks from soundboards.

March 12th 2014 - Added about a dozen new MP3s from 2005. Also added the Hop Farm gig. The MP3s from 2002 are nearly ready to go on the site - I just need to either clear some space, or get an increase in webspace.

February 28th 2014 - A bit of detective work has allowed me to update the gig dates for 1996. I've also taken the opportunity to put up a small number of MP3s from that tour. The quality of the source material isn't great. I've also added a scan of a concert ticket to the 1994 page and put up the earliest known live version of Love and Regret from 1987.

February 26th 2014 - Added details of the Forest Live gigs.

January 7th 2014 - Added some audience MP3s from 2007.

January 2nd 2014 - Added the setlist from Stirling Castle.

December 31st 2013 - The last of the big updates - A selection of McIntoshRoss tracks from 2009, a handful of tracks from 2000, some audience recorded tracks from 2006 and some tracks from 1993.

December 30th 2013 - Third of the big Christmas updates - tracks from 2008, 2011 and the Glasgow Village gig from 2001. There will be some more tomorrow.

December 27th 2013 - Second of the big Christmas updates - A large batch of tracks from the Homesick 2 tour are now on the site - both from the Ricky solo sets and the full band gigs.

December 24th 2013 - Added some MP3s from Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. And as an extra special Christmas treat, 20 tracks from soundboards from 1991.

December 23rd 2013 - Added the setlist from the Glasgow Hydro gig.

December 16th 2013 - Added the Liverpool setlist.

December 13th 2013 - Added three MP3s from Cambridge and the Newcastle setlist.

December 12th 2013 - Added the setlist from Bristol.

December 11th 2013 - Added the setlist from Birmingham. Added MP3s from Sheffield, Oxford and Guildford.

December 10th 2013 - Added the setlist from Guildford.

December 9th 2013 - Added the setlists from Sheffield, Cambridge and Oxford. I'm off to Guildford tonight.

December 5th 2013 - Added the setlist from Manchester and the pre-order links for the Xmas EP.

December 3rd 2013 - Added some more venue information from the Spanish tours 1990, 1991 and 1993. Added the Southend setlist.

December 2nd 2013 - Added the Brighton setlist.

November 19th 2013 - Added the Lerwick setlist.

November 19th 2013 - Added setlists for Kinross and Huntly.

November 11th 2013 - Added details for the Xmas EP.

November 7th 2013 - Extra setlists from 1987 and 2010. Also added the first batch of MP3s from 2001.

November 1st 2013 - New setlists from 1989 and 2006. A correction to a 2007 setlist now I have a recording. Also a few MP3s from 1998.

October 14th 2013 - Added a few more MP3s from 1999.

October 7th 2013 - Added details for Hogmanay in Stirling.

September 30th 2013 - Removed the streams from 2008 and 2011. Added MP3s from 1999 and 2007. The 2007 MP3s are from ConcertLive. I still have a few more gigs from 1999 to listen to, so I've not finished with 1999.

September 25th 2013 - Added some MP3s from 2006. Nearly all of these have come from the ConcertLive CDs.

September 20th 2013 - And now the first phase of the tour is over. Added the Belfast setlist.

September 19th 2013 - Added the setlist from Dublin and some MP3s from Nottingham and Norwich. If anyone recorded any of the gigs on the tour (particularly London and Dublin) can you get in touch please?

September 17th 2013 - Added the setlists from London and Norwich, along with a whole batch of MP3s from 1999.

September 16th 2013 - Added the setlist from Nottingham. I'm on my way to London Town later.

September 13th 2013 - Added the setlist from Cardiff.

September 12th 2013 - Added the setlist from Stoke.

September 11th 2013 - Added the setlist from York.

September 10th 2013 - Put up the first selection of tracks from 1999. I haven't finished going through the recordings for 1999. I know that several of the gigs I picked tracks from have never been on the site before.

September 9th 2013 - Amazingly the site is now fifteen years old! Put up the setlists for the first three gigs of the tour. I've also put up a couple of tracks.

September 2nd 2013 - September again... you come so quick... I've added a batch of new tour dates from 1987 to the site.

August 23rd 2013 - Added the setlists from the V Festival gigs.

August 6th 2013 - Added setlist from CarFest, and details of the King Tuts gig.

July 22nd 2013 - Added tracks from 2003.

July 15th 2013 - Added the T in The Park setlist.

July 11th 2013 - Added new setlists from 1991, 1993 and 1994. Thanks Chris.

July 9th 2013 - Added MP3s from 1997.

July 4th 2013 - Added MP3s from 1991. All the streams have been deleted, but I've left up the 2008 and 2011 ones for now.

July 1st 2013 - Added the setlist from Glastonbury. The streams for all the gigs prior to 2008 will disappear at some point this week - so it's your last chance to listen to them.

June 28th 2013 - Added the setlists from two recent benefit gigs, and MP3s from 2004.

June 18th 2013 - Added the setlist from the Glad Cafe, details of two Irish dates and the MP3s from 1988.

June 12th 2013 - I've now put up new MP3s from 1986, 1989 and 1994. My plan going forward is to upload one tour a week.

May 30th 2013 - The archiving project results in new MP3s from 1987, 1990 and 2005. And for those that check this page, here's a version of Riches from an unknown gig in 1986 or 1987.

May 20th 2013 - Added booking details for the Huntly gig in November.

May 8th 2013 - Added a few MP3s from the Untold Stories tour.

May 7th 2013 - Added the setlists from Dundee and Stirling.

May 2nd 2013 - Added the setlist from Dunfermline.

April 30th 2013 - Added the setlist from Stornoway.

April 29th 2013 - Added the setlists from Orkney and Ullapool.

April 24th 2013 - Added the setlists from all the English and Welsh dates.

April 16th 2013 - Added the setlist from Wavendon.

March 27th 2013 - Added the setlist from Oran Mor.

March 26th 2013 - Added the Hydro gig.

February 27th 2013 - Added the Deacon Blue tour details for September and December. Added information from the press release for Trouble Came Looking.

January 28th 2013 - Added setlist from Burns Night. Now did anyone record it?

January 22nd 2013 - I've managed to get hold of a great recording from 1991. I've put up one track I've always wanted to hear live.

January 18th 2013 - Added details of the Scottish leg of Ricky's solo tour in April/May

December 21st 2012 - Added the first details of Ricky's solo tour in April

December 17th 2012 - Added the Perth setlist.

December 14th 2012 - Added the Glasgow setlist and the first gig for 2013.

October 28th 2012 - Amended the setlist for Plymouth now I have the recording.

October 25th 2012 - Uploaded a dozen tracks from various different gigs on the tour. I'm waiting for the recordings of four more shows, so there should be a few more MP3s to come.

October 23rd 2012 - Back from London town. Setlist from Camden now on the site. Check back later in the week to see if any naughty people made bootlegs!

October 22nd 2012 - Added the Plymouth Setlist. Now I'm off to London Town.s

October 21st 2012 - Added the Birmingham and Liverpool setlists. Also four tracks from Birmingham, and a track from Cambridge for Derek Wright as requested by Ricky.

October 18th 2012 - Added the Oxford setlist

October 17th 2012 - Added the Sheffield setlist and amended it after several reports that Ricky changed it!

October 16th 2012 - Added the Bristol setlist.

October 14th 2012 - Added the Cambridge setlist. Really hope someone has recorded it!

October 12th 2012 - Added the Manchester and Leicester setlists.

October 10th 2012 - Added the Newcastle setlist.

October 8th 2012 - Added the Glasgow and Edinburgh setlists.

October 6th 2012 - I now have the Aberdeen setlist.

October 5th 2012 - The tour has started. I have the setlist from the first gig.

September 24th 2012 - And finally, the album is released.

September 12th 2012 - Added an iTunes link for the new album.

August 23rd 2012 - We have the tracklistings for most of the reissues.

August 1st 2012 - I've been handed a lot of new setlists from the 1991 and 1993 tours. We've got these as a result of all the work that's been done for the reissues.

July 19th 2012 - Added all that is known about the new releases. Added a tour date from 1985 and a setlist from 1991. And added details for the competition.

June 25th 2012 - Added the setlist from Solas.

June 21st 2012 - Added track listing and release date for 'The Hipsters'.

June 19th 2012 - Added more details on 'The Hipsters.'

April 12th 2012 - Added the missing George Square setlist from 2009.

April 11th 2012 - All the setlists from McIntoshRoss, 2010 and 2011 added to the site. Added 2012 tour dates and what is known about the album. All the obsolete links removed from the links page. Also put up a stream of the York gig from 2011.

September 1st 2009 - Added details on the Scottish gigs.

August 3rd 2009 - Added setlist from the Summer pops gig, and the details for the McIntosh Ross tour.

July 15th 2009 - Added details (including the track list) for the McIntosh Ross album.

June 1st 2009 - Added setlists for Montrose.

May 27th 2009 - Added the press release for the new album.

May 26th 2009 - Added the setlists from Strathpeffer.

May 15th 2009 - Added the setlists from the end of last year, put up the dates for 2009, and a new stream.

September 22nd 2008 - Added the Summer setlists, and two extra gigs.

June 27th 2008 - Added details of two more support slots.

May 19th 2008 - Added details of the support slots for Simple Minds.

April 28th 2008 - Brought everything up to date, added details of the live DVD from Edinburgh, and some information from 1988.

December 22nd 2007 - An early Christmas present - the Glasgow Barrowlands gig from December 1989.

November 27th 2007 - Some MP3s from Oxford.

November 26th 2007 - Added the setlists for the weekend.

November 23rd 2007 - Added the Manchester setlist.

November 21st 2007 - Added the Dublin setlist.

November 20th 2007 - Added the Belfast setlist, and more MP3s - replacing some of the ones I added yesterday.

November 19th 2007 - Added the Preston setlist, and a large batch of MP3s.

November 18th 2007 - Added the Llandudno setlist.

November 16th 2007 - Added the Dundee setlist.

November 15th 2007 - Added the Aberdeen setlist.

November 14th 2007 - I've dug out the Ascot recording from 2002 and put up Homesick by request.

November 13th 2007 - Put up a stream from 1993, and the setlists for Edinburgh and Newcastle.

November 12th 2007 - Setlists for the first batch of tour dates.

September 11th 2007 - Put up a stream from 1994.

August 29th 2007 - A few MP3s from Wavendon.

August 28th 2007 - Added the setlists from the weekend's gigs. And as for recordings - well, watch this space....

August 15th 2007 - Added the second Glasgow date, and put up a stream from the Edinburgh Queens Hall gig from 2002. It's one of my favourite solo gigs.

July 31st 2007 - Finally - I've put up a stream of the Glasgow Clyde Auditorium gig from 1999. And the good news is, there's several more gigs ready to go, so look for a few more streams in the next months.

July 19th 2007 - Added the complete list of dates for the November Deacon Blue tour.

July 9th 2007 - Added the setlist for Summer Pops.

June 4th 2007 - Added the setlists for Ayr and Isle Of Man.

April 4th 2007 - Added the Humber gig.

March 9th 2007 - Brought a few things up to date - setlists from the Autumn tour - if you spot any errors, email me. Also added a setlist from 1998, and the tour dates for 2007.

September 16th 2006 - Interesting development for the site. I've put up a stream of a complete gig. Assuming it works well, I'll put another gig up in a couple of weeks.

September 11th 2006 - Added details of the album.

August 21st 2006 - Added details of the new single, and the Dublin tour date.

July 28th 2006 - Added the Liverpool date.

July 25th 2006 - Finally I've managed an update. Setlists, and the 2006 tour schedule.

July 25th 2005 - Added the setlist from Kings Lynn.

June 15th 2005 - Added an incomplete setlist from Cardiff, now I have a boot.

June 6th 2005 - Added a few more setlists.

May 29th 2005 - Added the Liverpool setlist, and corrected a few other setlists now I've heard the recordings.

May 27th 2005 - Added more setlists, including last nights gig at Wavendon.

May 25th 2005 - Added several setlists, including Southampton. Also put up a few MP3s from the gig.

May 16th 2005 - Added MP3s from Glasgow.

May 13th 2005 - Added setlist from Glasgow.

May 10th 2005 - Updated the tour dates, and put up some highlights from Irvine.

March 8th 2005 - The tour is gradually going on sale. I've put up links to the venues, and ticket sites that I've found. Only a few gigs are on sale so far.

February 28th 2005 - Troubadour gig now available for download. I might put a few other things up over the next few days, so keep checking back.

February 26th 2005 - Setlist is now up for the Troubadour gig. With luck I'll put some clips up sometime in the next week.

February 15th 2005 - Added the first of what I hope is many tour dates for the new album.

February 4th 2005 - Added the rest of my recording of the gig. Also added another setlist from 1991.

January 31st 2005 - Some of the gig is now available for download.

January 30th 2005 - Added the setlist for last nights gig. I did record it, but the gremlins got at some of the recording. I'll put up some of the gig tomorrow, with some more at the weekend. If anyone else managed to get a recording (particularly of In The End and Starring Love) please get in touch.

January 5th 2005 - A certain Mr Ross has pointed out a typo in the setlist from the Academy, so it has been corrected.

January 3rd 2005 - Added all the setlists I have from 2004, and a couple of gigs. I should be getting a recording of the Academy gig shortly, and I hope to be at the two gigs we know of for 2005. So, with a bit of luck, you'll see a few updates - this year. Also added the tracklisting for the new album.

July 17th 2004 - Added details of a gig.

June 10th 2004 - Added the sad news about Graeme Kelling.

April 2th 2004 - Added details of a Deacon Blue festival appearance.

March 25th 2004 - Added details of a Deacon Blue gig.

January 11th 2004 - Added the benefit gig, along with MP3s from Stirling.

January 3rd 2004 - Grab them while you can... MP3s of the entire Glasgow gig on the site now. (Check out the 2003 page now.)

January 2nd 2004 - Jelger has sent me the setlist for Aberdeen, so that is on the site now.

January 1st 2004 - I'm back from Glasgow and Stirling. If you are very lucky, you might get some special treats later in the week.

November 15th 2003 - Added booking details for the Hogmanay gigs.

October 1st 2003 - Added the setlist from last weekends gig. Thanks to Helen for providing it.

September 19th 2003 - Well it had to happen eventually. The BPI have asked me to remove the MP3s from the site. So I have.

August 27th 2003 - Added details of a gig in September.

August 25th 2003 - The setlist from Stirling, and minor updates to the front page.

July 4th 2003 - It's taken a while, but the page counter now shows we have 100000 vistors.

May 25th 2003 - I got a better recording of the Academy gig, so all the MP3s have been re-recorded - again. Also one older track I've been meaning to put up for a while.

May 18th 2003 - Setlist from Ayr, and a few new MP3s.

March 28th 2003 - Added details of the Ayr gig.

March 27th 2003 - Setlist from the Academy gig now up. Six new MP3s including four from last night. I'll try to get a better recording.

February 8th 2003 - Six more MP3s, including some tracks from the Glasgow Cathedral gig

February 3rd 2003 - Stop Press- Deacon Blue concert on sale now

January 29th 2003 - Five more MP3s and one fixed one.

January 25th 2003 - Added the setlist for last night - thanks Jelger.

January 19th 2003 - Six new MP3s. More to follow.

January 17th 2003 - Finally.... some new recordings. I've just received five German gigs - from 1990 and 1993. Look for some new MP3s on Sunday.

January 5th 2003 - Added some more info on the Glasgow Cathedral gig.

December 9th 2002 - Added setlist for the STUC gig.

November 22nd 2002 - Added details of a new gig.

October 14th 2002 - Seven more tracks from the Jazz Cafe - and I've removed the noisier tracks from Tuts.

October 11th 2002 - Added setlists for both of this weeks gigs. Also put up three tracks from last night, and one older track. I expect I'll replace a lot of the Tuts tracks with recordings from last night soon - so grab them now.

September 24th 2002 - Added the Derry Setlist.

September 20th 2002 - Added an MP3 from Greenbelt.

September 1st 2002 - Four more MP3s from Tuts, and another one from Ascot.

August 31st 2002 - Added the King Tuts setlist. First three MP3s up.

August 29th 2002 - Added the Greenbelt setlist (Thanks to Helen)

August 10th 2002 - Added the Paisley setlist (Thanks to Robert)

August 5th 2002 - Added setlist for Richmond. (Thanks Rob and steve)

July 28th 2002 - Added details of another Deacon Blue gig.

July 8th 2002 - Added details of all the confirmed Ricky Solo gigs for later this year.

July 2nd 2002 - Oh China is now on this site, or you download a higher quality version from the Japanese site

June 30th 2002 - Four new MP3s, including two from Ascot. Also, if you check out the Japanese site you'll find a copy of 'Oh China'

June 29th 2002 - Setlist for Ascot

June 19th 2002 - Setlist for both the Channel Island gigs. (Thanks Bill and Helen)

June 13th 2002 - Setlist for all three of the Japanese gigs.

May 18th 2002 - Setlist for Newtown, and a couple of new gigs.

May 15th 2002 - Setlists now up for the Abu Dhabi and Dubai gigs.

May 6th 2002 - Glasgow setlist thanks to Tonya. Seven new MP3s from the tour. Requests page up for the summer gigs.

May 5th 2002 - Setlists for Burgess Hill (thanks Bill), South Shields (thanks Steve) and Edinburgh. More MP3s tomorrow. And if anyone has the setlist for Newtown, please pass it on, for completeness.

May 2nd 2002 - Manchester setlist, thanks to Neil.

May 2nd 2002 - Liverpool setlist.

May 1st 2002 - Birmingham setlist now up on the web.

April 28th 2002 - I've put up the setlist for Wavendon. Four new MP3s.

April 26th 2002 - Setlist for Worcester and Spalding on the web. Also seven MP3s.

April 25th 2002 - Setlist for Reading on the web.

April 24th 2002 - Setlist for London on the site. I'm off to Reading tonight.

April 22nd 2002 - Setlist for Southampton now on the site. If you're very lucky you might get some MP3s tomorrow.

April 19th 2002 - Ricky's interview on Scotland Today can be viewed here

April 17th 2002 - Setlists for Glasgow, and Stafford.

April 16th 2002 - Two more MP3s from Ayr. Ayr setlist thanks to Dougie Adam.

April 15th 2002 - Setlist for Ayr, and the first MP3.

April 5th 2002 - Added a link to the e-card, and some more Deacon Blue gigs.

March 25th 2002 - Some more Deacon Blue gigs (unconfirmed) and added some more requests.

March 24th 2002 - Added news of a Deacon Blue gig, and put up some more tour information from 1987 and 1989. Requests page for the tour now available. And four new MP3 files.

February 16th 2002 - The cover art for the album is now available

February 1st 2002 - Finally, we have the tracklisting for the album.

January 27th 2002 - Two new MP3s.

December 20th 2001 - Four new MP3s, and links to the online sources for tickets for the 2002 tour. Have a good Christmas.

December 16th 2001 - Five new MP3s.

December 15th 2001 - Setlist for The Village gig.

December 4th 2001 - Setlists for Embra and Glasgow. More soon.

November 30th 2001 - I'm off to Scotland for the weekend. Next update will be on December 4th.

November 26th 2001 - Newport and Blackburn setlists, thanks to Simon, Alex, Tonya, Bill and others. The whole website has had to be rebuilt, thanks to a lightning strike at the weekend. So there could be problems!

November 24th 2001 - Bradford setlist, thanks to Alex.

November 19th 2001 - Six more MP3s, the Peterborough setlist. (Thanks Rich.) and the London setlist (Thanks Jelger)

November 17th 2001 - Added Llandudno Setlist

November 14th 2001 - Six new MP3s.

November 13th 2001 - Put up the booking details for the Glasgow solo gig, thanks to Warb.

November 12th 2001 - Folkestone setlist on the site, thanks to Bill.

November 11th 2001 - Just got back from Southampton. Setlist on the site.

November 10th 2001 - Croydon setlist thanks to Adam.

November 5th 2001 - Sheffield setlist thanks to Rich.

November 3rd 2001 - Ricky's setlist from York now added, thanks to Alex. Sunderland setlist added, thanks to Ali.

November 2nd 2001 - Thanks to Ali and Jelger we have the setlist for York. Four new MP3s.

October 29th 2001 - Thanks to Pete and Rich we now have the Wolves setlist. Five MP3s from Oxford.

October 28th 2001 - Oxford setlist, and the 2002 tour dates!

October 27th 2001 - Liverpool setlist online, for those of you who want to know it. (Thanks Neil.) I'm off to Oxford tonight.

October 10th 2001 - Put up full details of the album. Looks like our votes did count.

September 24th 2001 - More requests.

September 16th 2001 - Scottish dates added.

September 5th 2001 - Added a new sound file, and put up the first requests from the tour

August 24th 2001 - Added a new sound file, and put up the requests page for the forthcoming tour.

August 22nd 2001 - Added the first batch of tour dates.

August 19th 2001 - Added the setlist for Perth and Aberdeen

August 10th 2001 - Added release date info for the new album.

August 7th 2001 - The band want you to nominate tracks for the forthcoming 'Best Of Deacon Blue' compilation to be released by Sony this year. Click here to enter your votes.

August 6th 2001 - Added the setlist from Cardiff, and one new MP3

July 24th 2001 - Added the running order from the STV broadcast.

July 21st 2001 - Added the setlist for Northampton, and the Australian tour details from 1989

July 19th 2001 - Added ticket details for the Perth gig.

July 15th 2001 - Five new sound clips.

July 7th 2001 - Four new MP3s, and links to more details on the upcoming gigs.

June 23rd 2001 - Added details of another Summer gig, with a map.

June 13th 2001 - Go to the Virgin Radio Website Virgin Radio have put up three acoustic tracks from a recent session here, with a promise of some more next month.

June 11th 2001 - Three new MP3s.

June 10th 2001 - Added the setlist for the Heart FM appearance.

June 6th 2001 - Added more info on the A Is For Astronaut single, and three new MP3s.

June 2nd 2001 - Loads of old setlists from Irish gigs. (Thanks to Barry)

May 27th 2001 - Setlist for Glasgow.

May 26th 2001 - Setlist for Edinburgh.

May 25th 2001 - Setlist for Dundee (Thanks to Lucian.)

May 24th 2001 - Setlist for Newcastle (thanks to Malc.) Also added info on the cover at Birmingham. (Thanks to Ad's). Updated the info on the new single. Stopped taking requests for the tour. Thanks everybody.

May 22nd 2001 - Setlist for Birmingham. Also have the transmission date for "Boxed Set"

May 21st 2001 - Setlist for Manchester (thanks to Neil.) Two new MP3s from London.

May 19th 2001 - Setlist for Bristol. (Thanks Chris, and Craig for identifying the cover.) Three new MP3s from the tour. More to come, when I've cleared some space. Broke through 50000 hits overnight.

May 18th 2001 - Setlist for London. More to come....

May 17th 2001 - Setlist for Portsmouth. Added details of another gig.

May 16th 2001 - It's my first gig of the tour tonight - Portsmouth, and being the big kid I am, I'll be at a few more before the end of the tour.) And the first tape from the tour arrived today - I'm not sure it's good enough for the site, but it makes me even more excited....

May 15th 2001 - Setlist for Cambridge (thanks Bill and Dave)

May 14th 2001 - Setlist for Norwich (thanks Bill)

May 13th 2001 - Setlist for Nottingam (thanks Rich), corrected setlist for Liverpool (thanks Tonya), and the first two MP3s from Liverpool (thanks Neil). And another track.

May 11th 2001 - Setlist for Liverpool, and news on the new single.

May 4th 2001 - The band have started a tour diary on the official site

May 2nd 2001 - There's a great interview on the dotmusic site

April 21st 2001 - Setlist for the STV gig, and the Claymores gig. If you're wondering when you'll get MP3s from the gigs, the answer is when someone sends me a recording!

April 19th 2001 - The setlist for King Tuts is online, along with some new setlists from 1994 and 1997.

April 9th 2001 - Added a link to the support act for the tour.

April 6th 2001 - The official site is now live, and also offers tickets to the secret gig.

April 5th 2001 - A secret gig has been arranged by Virgin Radio. Also, if you get a voucher from the Telegraph on April 14th you can exchange it for a free 6 track Deacon Blue CD.

April 2nd 2001 - Glasgow Skyline has moved again

March 29th 2001 - The official website is now live at www.deaconblue.com

March 25th 2001 - Added the details of the support act for the tour.

March 22nd 2001 - Added the track listing for 'Homesick'

March 21st 2001 - Added the album artwork, and details of how to obtain tickets for a TV appearance.

March 18th 2001 - Minor layout changes, and two new tracks.

March 17th 2001 - We've now passed the 40000 hit mark.

March 12th 2001 - Put up some info on the promo CD for the album.

March 10th 2001 - Signups have started for the next CD tree. Several online stores have started taking pre-orders for Every Time You Sleep.

March 1st 2001 - Tracklistings confirmed for the first single

February 23rd 2001 - New improved chatroom now available

February 18th 2001 - Added the requests page, and the release dates to the site.

February 13th 2001 - Yikes - almost a month between updates. I've been away, sorry. Updates should be a lot more frequent in the coming weeks. Two new tracks, plus Ricky will be singing a couple of songs (Flower of Scotland, and something else) at the Scotland v Ireland Rugby match on April 7th.

January 15th 2001 - Put up details of an upcoming radio appearance from Ricky. It's in Glasgow, if you want to see Ricky and Jim live. And, finally, updated the results of the 'Best Of' Poll.

January 12th 2001 - Three new tracks - a 10 year old rarity, a McCartney cover, and a very rarely performed track. The first CD tree for 2001 is now accepting signups.

January 7th 2001 - Added album release info (from the Papillon website.) A few more songs marked for deletion - so grab them while you can.

January 4th 2001 - Four new sound clips.

December 18th 2000 - Setlist for the Angel Eye gig now available.

December 15th 2000 - If you haven't sent in the requests yet, you're too late. More on Monday, after the Embra gig....

December 10th 2000 - Two new tracks, and a request form for Edinburgh. I will be at the Edinburgh gig (I'm actually travelling Saturday) so if anyone wants to meet up email me. If anyone knows a good place to meet, even better.... I know people are travelling from all around the country to this gig!

November 30th 2000 - A gig has been announced in Edinburgh for this year.

November 22nd 2000 - Two new tracks, and a setlist from 1993.

November 14th 2000 - There's going to be a new official Deacon Blue site soon, and Ricky's looking for a volunteer to run it. If you're interested go here

November 13th 2000 - Two new tracks.

November 11th 2000 - Well, I was planning to load up some new tracks - but I'm out of space. So, I'll delete some tracks on Monday, to make space for some really special tracks.... The last CD tree of the year closes on Wednesday. I've put up phone numbers for the venues on next years tour to help you out.

November 7th 2000 - We now have the complete tour schedule.

November 5th 2000 - The band will be interviewed on Radio 2 on Saturday November 18th at 8pm. Also, dates have started leaking for the 2001 tour. Only two dates so confirmed so far.... Added some historic dates for 1990 and 1993, and updated the polls....

November 3rd 2000 - Put up a link to the latest words on the DB album.

October 29th 2000 - An article was published in the Sunday Mail this morning, that included some fantastic news about the new Deacon Blue album. Also two new tracks.

October 24th 2000 - Two new soundclips. There's strange goings on in the chatroom most evenings this week at 9pm

October 4th 2000 - Congrats to Ad's who was the 30000th visitor.

October 2nd 2000 - Three new soundclips.

September 30th 2000 - A few setlist updates, added details of the American tour of Autumn 89, thanks to a press release I found. Also, started the signup process for the last CD tree of the year, and put up the first results of the poll. New sound clips will go up on Monday. Oh, whoever is visitor 30000 - email me!

September 17th 2000 - A new poll has been added to the site. The current CD tree closes next weekend, so sign up now. Three new clips, and an old one

September 9th 2000 - I'm back! 4 new sound clips, and an old clip. I've also added information on the next CD tree, and a little bit of recording news.

September 4th 2000 - The site has lasted 2 years! And a month between updates! No I haven't gone away, but work has been really, really busy - and not much new has happened for the site.... Anyway, I'll resume normal updates this weekend. The next tape tree will be announced to those already on egroups tonight, and I'll put up a few new MP3s over the weekend. Some of the existing MP3s will have to come off - I'll remove the 20 least downloaded files in August to make room.

July 31st 2000 - Well, things have been really busy, and the updates slipped a bit. Three new MP3s, the next CD tree has been announced, and a few typos have been fixed around the site. I've been experimenting with a new layout - but I've decided to stick with the old one for now. There may be some subtle changes in the coming weeks....

July 4th 2000 - Three new MP3s.

June 28th 2000 - News on the record contract is now on Warbeck's site, and here.

June 19th 2000 - Three new tracks, plus an older one.

June 12th 2000 - Four new MP3s for your enjoyment. I'm almost out of space again, so a few tracks will be removed next weekend to make room. (After all, how many versions of Dignity do you want?)

June 5th 2000 - We hit 25000 visits this morning.

May 28th 2000 - To end the speculation, I've put up the transcript of Ricky's appearance on Radio 2 on Thursday. Interesting...

May 27th 2000 - I'm back. Loads of new setlists, and a couple of new tracks. I'll try and do another update midweek.

May 25th 2000 - No, I haven't disappeared off the planet. I'm currently away on business - but I've heard that Ricky talked about his plans for the future last night. Keep checking Warbeck's site - I believe there's going to be some news very soon. Normal service will resume next week....

May 2nd 2000 - Two new MP3s on the site, including one track I've been trying to get for ages.

April 25th 2000 - Two new MP3s on the site.

April 17th 2000 - Second tree signup process is now underway. Two new MP3s on the site.

April 10th 2000 - A couple of older setlists have come my way, and are now on the site. Also, three new MP3 files. The second tree will be kicked off next weekend. There will be a new signup procedure, but more details will follow.

March 25th 2000 - Well, it's been ages since the last update. I've been going through some old recordings, and found a couple of interesting older tracks. The tree is moving....

March 15th 2000 - Three new MP3 files.

March 6th 2000 - Put up the setlist for Warwick (oh alright, I did that last night.) Also published the structure for the Newcastle tree.

March 5th 2000 - First couple of tracks from the tour. Put up the setlist from Macclesfield (thanks Neil.) I could do with a good recording from London.

March 4th 2000 - Setlist is up for Shepherds Bush. London didn't come alive, but the new songs are brilliant. Especially 'Threatening Rain' and 'This Is The Life'. Now, if I can lay my hands on some recordings....

March 3rd 2000 - And the tour is underway. I now have the setlist for Liverpool. Sounds like it was a great night. I going to see if 'London Comes Alive' tonight.

February 28th 2000 - Two new MP3 files. Currently I'm going through old tapes, resampling some old tracks, and picking out some new ones. The next couple of weeks will no doubt see mostly tracks from the 2000 tour, but after that, look for some old rarities. Also put up more detail on how the tape tree will work.

February 27th 2000 - Just heard that Cambridge and Southampton are cancelled. The other gigs are going ahead. New MP3s should hit the site tomorrow. The tape tree will close on March 7th. I need a US branch, so any volunteers will be welcomed.

February 18th 2000 - Ricky's announced another date on the tour, at Macclesfield. More MP3's coming soon. Also, some more on the tape tree. I'll be at the London gig. If you want to meet up before the gig, send me an email.

February 10th 2000 - Warbeck's put up some details on the March tour.

February 6th 2000 - Four new sound clips. I've also put up a transcript of the Radio 2 gig, and a form to register interest in a tape tree.

January 24th 2000 - Well I finally got back to doing some updates. There's a couple of new songs, and one older MP3 (Take Me To The Place) that was requested. I should get back to weekly updates from next week. Ricky's out on tour again in a few weeks. I'm also going to get the chatroom going again. Scheduled chats every Wednesday at 9:30PM GMT. There's going to be a few different updates over the next few weeks....

January 4th 2000 - I'm back from Christmas and the Millenium celebrations. Well at least the site didn't suffer from the Y2K bug. I don't expect to put any new MP3s on the site for about 2 weeks. Now would be a good time to send in any input you have on the songs, and comments/setlist for Aberdeen.

December 29th 1999 - Unplanned update for you. Two new sound clips. See you all next year.

December 22nd 1999 - Thanks for all the emails. I've decided to upload four extra tracks that were planned for next year - Enjoy them. Keep the emails coming.

December 20th 1999 - Probably the final update for the year (unless I get the setlist for Aberdeen (hint, hint.)) Three new sound clips, all of which are somewhat appropriate. Merry Christmas everybody. See you all in the new year.

December 19th 1999 - Stirling's all covered in frost. Well that's better than the South that's got snow. The Stirling setlist had a lot of surprises. Don't forget Ricky's on TV on Tuesday night.

December 13th 1999 - Well, I couldn't find the single at any of my local record stores. Nothing was released today. Maybe after Christmas?

December 10th 1999 - Added two new MP3s. Next update is probably December 20th. All the evidence I have suggests that no single will be released on Monday - but we'll have to see.

December 6th 1999 - The concert that was recorded in November will be on Radio 2 on December 18th at 8pm. Ricky will also be presenting a TV programme called 'Who On Earth' on BBC1 at 12:15pm on December 21st. Reliable sources tell me that a song (Dignity) from the Caird Hall gig will be part of this broadcast. So set the video. And finally, check your local record store for the new DB single next week. (And get your local radio station to play it!) Also, now would be a good time to send me requests for future MP3s.

November 28th 1999 - Three new sound clips. Don't forget to tell me all about Belfast.

November 22nd 1999 - Next weeks Dublin gig has been cancelled. Go to the unofficial site for details of how to get tickets for Belfast, including coach travel.

November 20th 1999 - Dundee setlist on the site. More MP3s midweek.

November 19th 1999 - I'm going to be at the Dundee gig tonight, which I'm really looking forward to. The setlist will probably hit the site late Saturday. The new single is out December 13th.

November 14th 1999 - Put up three new tracks from Newcastle. Also put up a lot of new tour dates from 1987. Now who's going to Dundee?

November 11th 1999 - Put the setlist up for last night. More later....

November 8th 1999 - Added the Stirling gig, plus the rescheduled Aberdeen gig.

November 7th 1999 - Just broken through the 15000 hit mark.

November 5th 1999 - Two new sound clips. Next update after the Radio 2 recording.

November 2nd 1999 - I never thought this would happen. Update to the 1996 tour page. Also, added some details on the radio 2 concert.

October 30th 1999 - Four new sound clips. Also Radio 2 are running a competition for tickets to a very special Deacon Blue on November 10th. Keep listening.

October 26th 1999 - Glasgow Skyline is on the move again... Added a couple of setlists from Ricky's solo tour earlier this year. (Thanks Mel.) Just about to break the 14000 hit mark.

October 24th 1999 - I now have the York and Sheffield setlists. (Thanks Keith.) There's now only one missing....

October 23rd 1999 - Now have the Newcastle setlist (thanks Malcolm.) Looks like a brilliant end to the English tour. Also put back ticket details for the Scottish and Irish gigs, and put up the requests page for March.
Calling all tapes??? (I'm had a few emails asking for MP3s from the tour, and I'm a wee bit short of source material....)

October 20th 1999 - I'm back. The London gigs were brilliant - especially last night's. Now who's got the good bootleg? Couple of new sound clips, and a few new comments on the songs.

October 18th 1999 - I'm about as excited as a four year old kid on Christmas Eve! Now have the setlists for Cambridge (thanks Stu) and Manchester (thanks Neil). I'm off to London, so more after the Albert Hall. Does anyone want to share the York and Ipswich setlists?

October 16th 1999 - We now have the Nottingham setlist. Things are changing quite a lot on tour. The next batch of MP3 files for deletion are marked.

October 15th 1999 - Added the setlist for Birmingham, plus a few minor cleanups. More MP3s after the London gigs, but I need to clear some space first.

October 10th 1999 - Three new soundclips, including the first from the tour. For those that care, I will be at both the London gigs :-)

October 9th 1999 - Still in the States. Added the setlists for the first three gigs of the tour. And, the tour dates for March 2000.

October 4th 1999 - Couple of new setlists from tapes I received just before leaving for the States, and two new sound files.

October 2nd 1999 - Just back from the Ayr gig. You guys are in for a treat. The new stuff is fantastic!

September 29th 1999 - I've put up tonight's chat transcript. Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed it! Maybe we'll do it again sometime. Oh and if you haven't already heard, Ricky joined us for a chat.

September 28th 1999 - The complete track list for the album is now available. Let me know what you think. The chatroom is seeing some use - even members of the band have been spotted.

September 25th 1999 - I'll go back to the previous chatroom, which works a bit more reliably. It's here. I'll be in the chatroom about 9:45pm UK time on Wednesday, and it would be a good opportunity to talk about the new album and tour. Two very special sound files are now available.

September 23rd 1999 - Out of space (yet again) so some more sound files will be removed over the weekend - I need the space. I'm playing with a chatroom, which is in it's alpha form here. I've received a few new setlists and tapes recently.

September 19th 1999 - Well, 10000 hits have come and gone. Not bad for a little over a year. Three new sound files, and one new setlist (1989.) There probably will not be another update until after the Ayr gig. If you want to meet before the Ayr gig, email me. While I remember, due to pressures of work, I'm going to be out of the country for the few shows of the tour, so I'll need help collecting setlists and reviews. Ricky's on Radio 2 on Tuesday night, talking about the new album, and playing some of the new tracks.

September 12th 1999 - A great article on the new album was published in the Sunday Times this weekend. New sound clips should appear later in the week. Keep sending in requests for the tour.

September 1st 1999 - September again, you come so quick.... The site is now one year old, and reached 9000 hits today. When I started the site, I never dreamed that the last year would have seen not only some one-off reunion gigs, but also a full Ricky solo tour, and now a full band tour with a new record. Thanks for the support over the last year, and keep coming back to the site. Two new sound clips including a much better Bethlehem's Gate.

August 30th 1999 - Added news on the new album. New sound clips mid week.

August 25th 1999 - Added the Whitehaven setlist. Thanks to Malcolm & Linda Tanner.

August 22nd 1999 - Couple of new sound clips, and added some 1987 dates.

August 20th 1999 - A few new tour dates have been announced in the last week. There's a second London gig (the first is just about sold out), a couple of Irish dates (currently unconfirmed), and a gig in Ayr.

August 14th 1999 - Deleted a batch of songs. Put up two heavily requested tracks. I'll be in Scotland for a few days, so there's unlikely to be any updates until midweek.

August 12th 1999 - The Glasgow Skyline website has moved.

August 7th 1999 - I'm almost out of space on the site (again) so another batch of tracks will be deleted next week. Grab them while you can.

August 3rd 1999 - Put up an advert for the tour. Also loaded up the first of the requests. Lorraine appeared briefly in Life Support on BBC1 tonight.

July 31st 1999 - Cambridge and York have switched places in the schedule. I've started up the requests page for the October gigs. Also put up two new sound clips.

July 28th 1999 - Most dates appear to now be on sale.

July 24th 1999 - I've done some more checking. Tickets do not appear to be on sale yet (at least not at the venues), but they should go on sale next week. However, you can also get tickets online at www.aloud.com. I've put a couple of extra sound files up. I'm running very low on interesting material, so I need some trades!

July 23rd 1999 - Just come back from a week away, to what looks like major news. Looks like there is a Deacon Blue tour in October. Before you get too excited, tickets are not on sale yet. More news as I get it. The dates may not be 100% correct at this stage. More sound clips will be on the site tomorrow.

July 12th 1999 - Two new sound files.

July 5th 1999 - I didn't make it to Bracknell, so I don't have the setlist. If you went, drop me an email, and let me know what happened.

June 27th 1999 - Added two new sound clips - both are requests.

June 21st 1999 - Things got a bit too busy at work last week, so the update got postponed. I've finally deleted some files, and uploaded a whole batch of tracks from the DB gigs. For those of you who live near Bracknell (like me) there's another chance to see Ricky coming up. One more setlist for Ricky's recent tour is on the site.

June 8th 1999 - The files due for deletion are now marked on the sound files page. I'll delete the first batch at the weekend. I need the space.

June 7th 1999 - I've received another Winamp skin, which you can download. Also put up two songs from the Deacon Blue reunion gigs. The site is now full, so I'm going to delete a number of older files - they're the ones that don't get downloaded very often. I'll mark them, to give you a chance to grab them. The site has had about 600 hits in ten days - a record.

June 3rd 1999 - Setlist for June 1st now completed and on the site. Thanks to all those who emailed it to me. Also found out what the unknown cover after Still In The Mood was.

June 2nd 1999 - Setlist is now on the site for tonights gig. I've also uploaded what I remember for the second gig.

June 1st 1999 - Well I got an extra gig last night.... Ricky played the Scotland Rocks For Kosovo benefit at the SECC. Two more Deacon Blue gigs to go, and I'm at both of them. Remember, I'm looking for reviews, photos (if you took them), anything. Friday broke a site record - 150 of you looked at the setlist. (And only about 5 of you emailed me....) Finally, I've put up two more sound clips.

May 28th 1999 - Five years ago he buried her memory with a snooker cue..... Oh wow - why did it take five years? Last nights gig was awesome. And I've got two more to come. If you were there send me your reviews - if you weren't it's on Radio 2 on Saturday 5th June. (But you won't get the whole show)

May 26th 1999 - And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. Reunion gig tomorrow. I can't wait. I've added three more gigs to the 1999 page, and two new sound files. I'll possibly put up the setlist on Friday.... Depends. We cleared the 5000 hit mark today.

May 24th 1999 - Two new sound files. Last week was the busiest week on the site, ever. We'll break through the 5000 hit mark this week. And of course, Deacon Blue play on Thursday.

May 20th 1999 - Added the setlist for Bristol.

May 18th 1999 - Well, I had more free time than I planned. Two more files on the site, including the heavily requested 'What You Are'. Next batch of tracks will come from Ricky's solo shows. The odd DB track will surface as well.

May 16th 1999 - Two new files. I'll try to put up some more midweek.

May 13th 1999 - Hmmm... Over a week without an update. Two more tracks from the 99 tour, and another couple of setlists. More at the weekend.

May 2nd 1999 - I've uploaded a couple of tracks from Ricky's current tour. Let me know if you want more. We're nearly out of space on the site (again), so over the next few weeks, I'm going to delete some of the files. I'll start with the poorer quality recordings, and the tracks with multiple versions on the site.

May 1st 1999 - Back from Swindon - according to Ricky the best gig on the tour so far. Setlist now on the site.

April 30th 1999 - Couple of new live tracks. I'm off to Swindon tomorrow, so there should be another update sometime Sunday.

April 29th 1999 - Portsmouth setlist on the site. Also one more review.... Keep them coming! (The reviews aren't being edited, at the moment. I don't necessarily agree with all of them!) Also added the setlist from Southport.

April 28th 1999 - First two reports are now on the site. Right, I'm off to Portsmouth..... check back in the afternoon.....

April 25th 1999 - I'm back, and it's about time. I didn't bother to upload anything to the site last week, because it's was taking forever. Things seem to be working properly now, so I can start work again. I've uploaded two more sound files, plus I've resampled a number of the older files. More resamples will follow, along with some new material. I've also uploaded a few more song meanings. We passed the 4000 hit mark during the week. Next update should be on Thursday.

April 19th 1999 - You're probably wondering why there hasn't been an update. The truth is I'm very busy at work right now; and I have no MP3 files ready to upload. Hopefully, something will be added in the week. I should be getting fairly frequent reports from Ricky's tour, so updates will be more frequent next week. If you are planning on being at Portsmouth or Swindon, email me.

April 6th 1999 - The eagle-eyed may have spotted this already, but if you haven't - Ricky now has a fanmail address. Email him at ricky@circuslights.com and the email will go straight to him. Yes the email address is on this server, but it doesn't mean that Ricky has anything to do with the site!

April 4th 1999 - I can't believe that nobody's going to the June 2nd gig, so go submit your requests. Also, if you are going to any of the solo gigs, and you're willing to get me the setlist or write a review, please let me know.

March 26th 1999 - There's been a lot of network problems over the last week. I think they are fixed now. I've added the third Deacon Blue gig, and I can take requests now. The songs page is now on the site. I won't put up any new songs this week, but there should be an update for Easter.

March 21st 1999 - Two new sound files - one's a request, and the other is something I found accidentally. Let me know what you think.

March 18th 1999 - Put up a form so you can request your favourite songs on Ricky's forthcoming tour. There's also something special on the sound files page.

March 16th 1999 - Two new sound files. I hope to put up some new pages at the weekend.... The second 'secret' gig is not so secret anymore. Go check the 1999 page and get your tickets. Good luck.

March 7th 1999 - I'm still sulking, but I've uploaded two new sound files. Another busy week on the site - we passed the 3000 visit mark.

March 5th 1999 - Don't bother phoning for reunion tickets. They've all sold out in under an hour! And I didn't get one :-( PS - some kind site visitor sorted me out.

March 1st 1999 - Ricky's published some English tour dates for April/May (thanks Doug). Uploaded two new sound files, I probably won't put up any more for a couple of weeks. Still looking for input on the meaning of the songs.

February 21st 1999 - Uploaded three new sound files, added one more setlist for 1988. Site has been busier this week than it's ever been.... Must be related to Friday's announcement. I've also decided to begin work on a section that analyses the songs. So, if you have any facts or theories on the origin/meaning of any DB song, email me...

February 19th 1999 - Put details of the Deacon Blue reunion gig on the 1999 page. Check Doug Small's site for further details...

February 16th 1999 - Currently up in Raintown, I've managed to get hold of the Ronnie Scott's setlists. Looks like some interesting shows.

February 13th 1999 - Alright, so I didn't do an update last week. A couple of new setlists, updates to some existing sets, plus 5 new files, and a few re-recordings. I'm off to Raintown tomorrow, but I'll do another update in the week.

February 4th 1999 - Two new sound files.

January 31st 1999 - I've just put up the Glasgow setlist. Sound files will follow in the week.

January 24th 1999 - A number of new setlists have been added to the site (1989, 1991, and 1998). Three new sound files complete the update.

January 19th 1999 - My web provider has just doubled my webspace, at no extra cost to me, so I've reinstated the files I took off the site last week. Two new files for you.

January 17th 1999 - Just back from the awesome Edinburgh gig. See the 1999 page for the setlist. New files will go up in the week.

January 10th 1999 - Back in the UK. Four new tracks. I've removed some old files to make room for loads of new material, and added the setlist for one new show in 1990.

January 4th 1999 - Back as promised after Christmas. Added two new sound files. I'm currently in sub-zero temperatures in the US. I've recently acquired many new shows, so more material will be uploaded soon.

December 30th 1998 - Added the Ronnie Scott's gigs to the 1999 page. Next planned update will be early next week.

December 20th 1998 - Four new sound files, including the predictable Queen Of The New Year. This is probably the final update for 1998. Have a good Christmas, and the site will be back next year.

December 17th 1998 - Two new sound files.

December 13th 1998 - Added information on the Glasgow Celtic Connections gig. I'm planning to be at both the Edinburgh and Glasgow shows, travelling up from the South, so if you are interested, email me. Sound files will be added later in the week.

December 7th 1998 - Major files update. Also fixed some formatting errors in some of the setlists, and converted yet more of the older files to mono.

December 6th 1998 - Reformatted the site. I'll put some new sound files up in the week. Email me if you have comments on the new layout.

December 3rd 1998 - There's been some server problems this week, which is the reason for delayed updates. Two new MP3 files, including another unreleased track.

November 26th 1998 - Added details of the first of the 1999 gigs

November 23rd 1998 - One new setlist from 1991 (thanks Angel) and three new MP3 files

November 17th 1998 - This weeks update comes from Raintown (or to be more accurate, a very cold hotel room on the Ayrshire coast...) Two new MP3s, plus some more setlists from 1990.

November 11th 1998 - Added the two Spanish setlists. Wish I'd been there. Thanks to Angel in Spain for the information.

November 4th 1998 - I'm out in the US, so the update is later than normal. Two new files, and two new setlists

October 27th 1998 - Added some new files, including a couple of requests. Keep them coming. Also added details for the Spanish dates.

October 18th 1998 - I've resampled some of the bigger files to mono versions, and recorded loads more material. Four new files this week, with many more to come. I'll probably upload a couple more for you this week.

October 10th 1998 - Uploaded two new files; more to come in the week. Last weeks planned update didn't happen due to hardware problems, but I'll be catching up soon.

October 1st 1998 - Added setlists for 1988, along with a couple of other minor updates. Just received a load of new material so there will be some really good things to come.

September 25th 1998 - Two new MP3 files.

September 20th 1998 - Added the setlist for the Ayr Gaiety 'reunion', added setlists from 1986 and 1991. Two MP3s added. I digitised a load of files today, so there's some exciting tracks to come....

September 15th 1998 - Added one more setlist to the 1997. Uploaded the only info I have for the 1996 tour (someone must have more!). Also added three new MP3 files.

September 11th 1998 - Minor update. Tour details for 1997/1998 uploaded (including last weeks Victor Jara concert), along with a host of setlists from 1987.

September 4th 1998 - Site officially opened. Tour info for 1986-1994 uploaded, along with first 10 MP3 files.