The Ultimate Deacon Blue Songs

Someone suggested this to me in an email recently, so I'll give it a go. There's about 100 Deacon Blue songs out there - but for this poll you can only pick ten of them. Just to make the poll more interesting, there were few rules.

  1. No more than 4 tracks from any album (and that includes 'Our Town')
  2. You must pick at least two B sides. (For the sake of this poll, anything released on Ooh Las Vegas, Riches and the new tracks on Walking Back Home counts as a B side)
  3. You're only allowed to vote once!

Voting Status

After more recounts than Florida in the US Election - oh, alright, after the webmaster forgot, here are the final results. Total of 74 ballots returned, with 732 votes for tracks. (So, a few people didn't pick ten tracks.) The votes came from 'All Over The World' - Malaysia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, even a few from Scotland!


Raintown 40
When The World Knows Your Name   4
Fellow Hoodlums 14
Whatever You Say, Say Nothing 6
Our Town 3
Walking Back Home 3
Riches 1
Ooh Las Vegas 3

No real surprises here. Raintown established a very early lead (it got eleven of the first twelve votes).


Dignity 45
Bethlehem's Gate 40
Loaded 40
Raintown 31
Circus Lights 27
Your Town 24
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) 23
Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel the Rain 21
Love And Regret 21
The Wildness 21
A Brighter Star 20
Orphans 17
Real Gone Kid 15
Fergus Sings The Blues 14
Back Here in Beanoland 13
Love's Great Fears 13
Wages Day 13
Your Swaying Arms 13
Chocolate Girl 12
Closing Time 12
The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail 12
Town To Be Blamed 12
Long Window To Love 10
Shifting Sand 9
Walking Back Home 9
All I Want 8
Beautiful Stranger 8
Ragman 8
Spencer Tracy 8
Cover From The Sky 7
Ribbons and Bows 7
Undeveloped Heart 7
Christmas And Glasgow 6
I'll Never Fall In Love Again 6
Only Tender Love 6
The Very Thing 6
The World Is Lit By Lightning 6
Twist and Shout 6
Your Constant Heart 6
Angeliou 5
Bound To Love 5
Indigo Sky 5
James Joyce Soles 5
Killing The Blues 5
Will We Be Lovers 5
All Over The World 4
Almost Beautiful 4
Born In A Storm 4
Cut Lip 4
Don't Let The Teardrops Start 4
Golden Bells 4
I Was Right and You Were Wrong 4
Kings Of The Western World 4
Let Your Hearts Be Troubled 4
Love Hurts 4
Love You Say 4
Mexico Rain 4
Riches 4
Take Me To The Place 4
That Country 4
Are You There With Another Girl? 3
Fellow Hoodlums 3
I Will See You Tomorrow 3
One Day I'll Go Walking 3
Queen Of The New Year 3
Ronnie Spector 3
Suffering 3
Church 2
Is It Cold Beneath The Hill? 2
I've Been Making Such A Fool 2
London A to Z 2
Peace & Jobs & Freedom 2
S.H.A.R.O.N. 2
Sad Loved Girl 2
Souvenirs 2
This Changing Light 2
Waves Of Sorrow 2
Born Again 1
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 1
Cold Easter 1
Cracks You Up 1
Fall So Freely Down 1
Gentle Teardrops 1
Good Evening Philadelphia 1
Hang Your Head 1
Just Like Boys 1
Las Vegas 1
Message To Michael 1
One Hundred Things 1
Paint It Red 1
Plastic Shoes 1
Punch and Judy Man 1
Silhouette 1
Take The Saints Away 1
Trampolene 1
When You Are Young 1

This vote was always going be closer. Early on, Circus Lights had the lead, before being passed by Bethlehem's Gate, and then eventually Dignity. Loaded came from almost nowhere to end up equal with Bethlehem's Gate. The observant will notice a couple of Ricky solo tracks in the list - perhaps they should have been disqualified! Thanks for everyone's vote. Maybe we'll do another poll sometime.