Ricky on Johnnie Walker, May 24th 2000

Ricky appeared briefly on the radio, and although he didn't speak for long, what he said has generated a lot of email. Here's the complete interview:

JW: Ricky, hello, how are you?

RR: Hi, Johnnie, I'm very well thank you

JW: You've laid on some really nice Scottish weather for us. Thankyou very much for that.

RR: The sun is splitting the skies.

JW: So, how are you?

RR: Very well indeed.

JW: So, you obviously spend most of your time in Scotland. Whereabouts?

RR: Glasgow is home for me, but the other side of Scotland, the east coast, is where I grew up. I'm more familiar with the geography, and if you ever get your boat to Dundee, I can show you around there a bit.

JW: Is there a difference between east coast and west coast? Do you all get on together?

RR: We have an audience here! The east coast is drier.

JW: More intelligent and sophisticated on the west coast I'd say.

RR: Yeah. Actually, to be honest the west coast of Scotland, in the summer is full of midges which are not very nice, but I think this part of the country is a very friendly place, it's a very warm place, spiritually.

JW: Now there's a bit of production going on, both in music, and in the family. Let's talk about music first. You're working on an album. Is that you or the band?

RR: Well, I'm sort of working on my own solo album, which is what I want to do next, and the band are talking about doing something, possibly next year as well, so that will be, we'll see. We went out on tour last year, we came back from it, having really enjoyed it. It was really nice, so we're going to talk talk about that over the next couple of weeks and hopefully we'll get an announcement on what's going to be happening, but I've got plans to do an album, and there's possibilities of Deacon Blue doing something as well...

JW: And a new arrival in the Autumn I hear?

RR: There's a new member of our clan arriving in the Autumn. (Laughs)

JW: Well, live music as I said is kind of why we're here. So, what are you gonna do?

RR: I'm gonna do... This is a new song, I was trying to think of something which might be vaguely appropriate, to this afternoon's proceedings. This is a new song - it's called Threatening Rain.

Ricky came back later in the show, and played When Will You.

Hmm... Interesting times ahead.... Keep coming back....