Chat transcript from Weds Sep 29th

louise says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 4:37pm)

Steve says,"Hi Louise, you're a few minutes early...." (Wed 4:38pm)

Steve says,"Hi Louise, you're a few minutes early...." (Wed 4:39pm)

Ad's says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 4:40pm)

Ad's says,"Hi Steve Hi Louise..." (Wed 4:40pm)

Steve says,"Where are you from?" (Wed 4:40pm)

Steve says,"Hi Ad's, expected you'd be here." (Wed 4:41pm)

louise says,"Aberdeen" (Wed 4:41pm)

Steve says,"Louise - so are you going to the gig?" (Wed 4:41pm)

louise says,"Yes, I can't wait" (Wed 4:42pm)

Steve says,"Should be good... I'm going to Ayr on Friday, and it could well be the only show I get to. (And that was not my plan!)" (Wed 4:43pm)

Steve says,"So, have you seen them before?" (Wed 4:43pm)

Ad's says,"I tought yo were going to London steve???" (Wed 4:43pm)

Steve says,"So did I...." (Wed 4:44pm)

louise says,"Yeah, quite a few times" (Wed 4:44pm)

Steve says,"I'm in the US for the first week and a half of the tour, and I've got to be in Glasgow the week of the London gigs.....The only way I'll get there is to take holiday (which won't please my boss...)" (Wed 4:45pm)

Steve says,"So, Louise, where did you see them? Just Aberdeen or elsewhere?" (Wed 4:45pm)

louise says,"In Dundee and Glasgow as well" (Wed 4:46pm)

Ad's says,"Bugger...Well If u need to shift some tickets...I'd be deffinately Interested...Listened to The Wavs on Perkins Site???" (Wed 4:46pm)

Steve says,"Ad's - I've not given up hope yet. Yes, I've heard the wavs - he's torturing us - 30 second clips indeed - I want the whole lot!" (Wed 4:47pm)

Steve says,"Louise - Did you go to the Celtic connections gigs, or the reunion gigs earlier this year?" (Wed 4:48pm)

louise says,"No, I was too busy working" (Wed 4:48pm)

Ad's says,"I think that might be pushing it..." (Wed 4:49pm)

Steve says,"Shame - you missed a treat...." (Wed 4:49pm)

louise says,"I can imagine, I was really disappointed I couldn't go" (Wed 4:49pm)

Steve says,"Ad's - yeah, you're probably right! I'll have to continue listening to my bootleg live version." (Wed 4:50pm)

louise says,"Who's the guest going to be?" (Wed 4:50pm)

Steve says,"Louise - If he makes it - Ricky..... He was in yesterday." (Wed 4:51pm)

Ad's says,"I was going to ask Ricky if maybe the odd sound desk recording could make it your a treat for us lot..." (Wed 4:52pm)

Steve says,"So, Louise - standard question - what's your favorite DB song?" (Wed 4:52pm)

louise says,"Circus Lights or When will you..." (Wed 4:52pm)

Steve says,"Ad's - I keep hoping....." (Wed 4:52pm)

louise says,"What about you- Steve?" (Wed 4:53pm)

Steve says,"Circus Lights seems to keep coming up - I obviously picked a good name for my site!" (Wed 4:53pm)

Steve says,"My favorite is Bethlehem's Gate - at the moment - it changes...." (Wed 4:54pm)

Ad's says,"Aww now your talking....Here starts the campaign for a full band version of circus lights on the tour....Mr Ross U listening???" (Wed 4:54pm)

Steve says,"Actually, I like the acoustic version better - best gig I was ever at was Brixton on the "final" tour - they opened with an acoustic Circus Lights - I couldn't believe it....." (Wed 4:55pm)

louise says,"So do I -Steve" (Wed 4:55pm)

Ad's says,"If u watch the big picture...They seem to have the best time playing Circus Lights..." (Wed 4:56pm)

louise says,"Are there any other videos?" (Wed 4:56pm)

Ad's says,"O.K I'll do U a deal...full band Version for Portsmouth....Accoustic for Ayr" (Wed 4:57pm)

Steve says,"Hmm, I thought a few more would be here by now" (Wed 4:57pm)

Steve says,"So have you guy's sent in your requests for the tour?" (Wed 4:58pm)

Ad's says,"Thats another question I want to ask ricky Louise...If theres a chance of a Our Town Video...Is Neil not turning up Steve???" (Wed 4:58pm)

Ad's says,"Sure have....." (Wed 4:58pm)

Steve says,"Neil won't be here. He was offered tickets for Man United tonight...." (Wed 4:59pm)

louise says,"Yep, as soon as I found your sight" (Wed 4:59pm)

Steve says,"Neil won't be here. He was offered tickets for Man United tonight...." (Wed 5:00pm)

Steve says,"So.. how did you find the site?" (Wed 5:00pm)

Ad's says,"What about Angel??" (Wed 5:00pm)

Steve says,"I'm going to let you guys chat for a bit.... I need to eat (I got in from work about 15 minutes before start time.....)" (Wed 5:02pm)

Ad's says,"O.K mate no worries...So how long u liked DB???Louise??" (Wed 5:02pm)

louise says,"Since 1987" (Wed 5:03pm)

Ad's says,"What sparked your Interest...I saw Loaded on the chart show and I was hooked....." (Wed 5:04pm)

louise says,"Where're you from Ad" (Wed 5:04pm)

Ad's says,"Brighton....U??" (Wed 5:04pm)

louise says,"Hearing Dignity on the college juke box" (Wed 5:05pm)

louise says,"Aberdeen" (Wed 5:05pm)

louise says,"A friend had seen them in Shetland I think and was totally mad on them" (Wed 5:05pm)

Ad's says,"Wasn't there a program on BBC 2 of a concert in Aberdeen???" (Wed 5:05pm)

Ricky says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 5:06pm)

louise says,"I don't know, when was this?" (Wed 5:06pm)

Steve says,"Hi,Ricky - Thanks for dropping in. It's a little quieter than I expected....." (Wed 5:06pm)

Ad's says,"Hi ricky..Steves getting a sandwich...Ask the man himself...Louise..." (Wed 5:06pm)

louise says,"Hi Ricky" (Wed 5:07pm)

Ad's says,"He's back...." (Wed 5:07pm)

Ali says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 5:07pm)

Ali says,"Hi just logged n! What has been going on?" (Wed 5:07pm)

Ricky says,"Hello - what's the question?" (Wed 5:08pm)

Ad's says,"Hows the practices going Ricky???" (Wed 5:08pm)

louise says,"Was there a BBC2 Program about a Aberdeen concert?" (Wed 5:08pm)

Ali says,"#ant news on a show in glasgow for Christmas?" (Wed 5:09pm)

Ricky says,"Good. Trouble is there's too much material! But we've got a starting point and by the end of the tour we'll have covered some interesting ground!" (Wed 5:09pm)

Ad's says,"Questions Questions.... " (Wed 5:09pm)

Ricky says,"Aberdeen doesn't ring any bells" (Wed 5:10pm)

louise says,"Ricky, How's Graeme?" (Wed 5:10pm)

Steve says,"Are there gonna be any surprises on Friday night?" (Wed 5:10pm)

Ad's says,"So...Full band version of Circus lights??????PLEASE..if only for Portsmouth...." (Wed 5:10pm)

louise says,"ANd for Aberdeen" (Wed 5:11pm)

Ali says,"Are we going to hear "Cover from the Sky" on the tour?" (Wed 5:11pm)

Ali says,"Are we going to hear "Cover from the Sky" on the tour?" (Wed 5:11pm)

Ricky says,"Graeme's good. He's just moved house, become a dad and no doubt a few other things so rehearsals and tours are time-off!" (Wed 5:11pm)

louise says,"What about Chocolate Girl?" (Wed 5:11pm)

Ricky says,"Cover from the Sky - we played it today!" (Wed 5:12pm)

Ali says,"what do you think about the new album, would you have liked to have put more new stuff on?" (Wed 5:12pm)

Ricky says,"Choc. Girl - not my favourite song but we'll play it!" (Wed 5:12pm)

Ad's says,"So whats your current Favourite then Ricky???" (Wed 5:13pm)

Ali says,"I hvae heard you say that you have many favourite songs, last one was Loves Great Fears, is that still the case?" (Wed 5:13pm)

Ricky says,"I hope there won't be too many surprises to me on Friday. I think there will be things that will be new to the audience." (Wed 5:13pm)

Ad's says,"Two minds" (Wed 5:13pm)

Steve says,"Good.... I'll be there, and it's probably my only gig..... :-(" (Wed 5:14pm)

Ricky says,"LGF yes! I'm loving playing an old new song - When You are Young and All I want" (Wed 5:15pm)

Ali says,"What is your favourite DB album to date?" (Wed 5:15pm)

Steve says,"When You Are Young is brilliant... I used to have an old live version on the site.... but took it down." (Wed 5:16pm)

Ad's says,"So u going to be doing any guitar playing Ricky...Or leaving it to the boys???" (Wed 5:16pm)

Steve says,"So, what prompted you to get back into the studio with the band?" (Wed 5:16pm)

Ricky says,"Not touched it all week - Lorraine plays though!" (Wed 5:16pm)

Ad's says,"DB sucunbing to girl power???" (Wed 5:17pm)

Ad's says,"typing to quick..." (Wed 5:17pm)

Ricky says,"The studio was really a way of celebrating our coming together. Once the albumhad been mooted it seemd correct to have some new stuff out there. There was no way we were ready to do an album but a few songs at least seemed possible." (Wed 5:18pm)

Ad's says,"So no spice girl songs on the tour then......" (Wed 5:19pm)

Steve says,"So, have we got all the tour dates? There's some interesting rumours around of Barrowlands at Christmas. Wishful thinking?" (Wed 5:19pm)

Ricky says,"I can't see us playing there. There's certainly no plans for that." (Wed 5:19pm)

Ali says,"sure christmas in Glasgow! That would be great! What is the story?" (Wed 5:19pm)

Steve says,"Which of the new songs do you like best?" (Wed 5:20pm)

Ali says,"I am sure it would be a sell out within 20 minutes like before!" (Wed 5:20pm)

Ali says,"Any plans to write some more new material for DB?" (Wed 5:21pm)

Ricky says,""Jesus" is the best song. I think people will be agreeably surprised by it. It's got something of Dignity or Loaded about's huge and is starting to sound very good live" (Wed 5:22pm)

Ad's says,"Just quickly..Ricky....Don't you think these guys do a great job on there web sites...." (Wed 5:23pm)

Steve says,"Yes... Warbeck's torturing me - he's put a 30 second clip on his site, that is way better than the version from Swindon (don't know where that came from...) I'm dying to hear it in full!" (Wed 5:23pm)

Ali says,"I thought "Jesus " was brilliant. Can't wait to hear it live. which is the song you like to perform live the most? I thought Loaded and twist & Shout were the best ever on 1/6/99" (Wed 5:24pm)

Steve says,"I think it should've been the single!" (Wed 5:24pm)

Ricky says,"New material...we'll survive the tour. If we're all enjoying it then we'll maybe do something else. But there are absolutely no plans." (Wed 5:24pm)

Steve says,"Talking of singles - what are the B sides gonna be? More from the vaults, live tracks, or Sony just grabbing any old stuff?" (Wed 5:25pm)

Ali says,"does that mean all the band members are open to bribery? Are the availbe if you all decide to reform, put us out of our misery please!" (Wed 5:25pm)

Ad's says,"Ricky...Any chance that the odd sound desk recording from the tours could make there way sown to one of these guys as a treat for us lot??" (Wed 5:26pm)

Ali says,"Yeah, anything you have got, can you send it to the guys to put on thier sites?!?" (Wed 5:27pm)

Ricky says,"No problems with bootlegs on the web (gen answer here) just don't ask me for them! Yes web pages are great and it's good to get support! Well done Steve! " (Wed 5:28pm)

Ad's says,"O.K We'll ask Lorraine.....How is she???" (Wed 5:29pm)

Ali says,"Will you consider reforming if it's what you want? Are you all available to do it?" (Wed 5:30pm)

Steve says,"Thanks Ricky... One of the questions I've been getting a lot recently is if you've got any media appearances around the tour? " (Wed 5:30pm)

Ricky says,"B sides. Believe it or not (and it's true) I forgot about a song! It's a studio recording from 93 and it's going to be the main b side to the single...called "I'll Be Your Fool" -- if we can find it!!!!" (Wed 5:30pm)

Neil says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 5:31pm)

Ad's says,"Hi neil How was the Game???" (Wed 5:31pm)

Steve says,"I've been told to bug you for Caravanland, and Homecoming....." (Wed 5:31pm)

Neil says,"Late comer sorry rick!! I've been to the Utd game!!" (Wed 5:31pm)

Ad's says,"Aww Homecoming now your talking..." (Wed 5:32pm)

Ricky says,"L's in the bath! Reformation's not really a full time option. We all enjoy an other life! It's possible that we'll do something else but at the moment I'm enjoying being in DB without all the hassle of 93/94." (Wed 5:32pm)

Ad's says,"I love Jims Piano on Long Homecoming...." (Wed 5:32pm)

Neil says,"on the subject of B sides what happend to You Don't Understand?" (Wed 5:33pm)

Ricky says,"No real media stuff yet - there might be in Nov. I like to tour uninterrupted by radio and stuff. I spend 3 hours of any day on the set list and two at soundcheck!!Plus my kids are out some of the time." (Wed 5:34pm)

Silverocket says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 5:34pm)

Ali says,"ricky, does that mean you will contiue with your solo career as well?" (Wed 5:34pm)

Steve says,"So, I take it every show is going to have a different setlist. Have you seen the requests? " (Wed 5:35pm)

Ricky says,"I don't like Long Homecoming or Don't Understand ....sorry! But I guess it's important that we don't just clear the cupboards out! One more and I'm off" (Wed 5:35pm)

Ali says,"Can you prepare for at least 4 encores for all your gigs please, they WILL be requested! Good Luck with all the gigs,I am coming from Paris to see London Cambridge and Dundee!" (Wed 5:36pm)

Ricky says,"Yes to solo question. Already interesting plans for live + studio stuff next year! The Sinners are warming up!" (Wed 5:36pm)

Steve says,"The Sinners? I've never managed to see them - hopefully I'll still be in the country." (Wed 5:38pm)

Ad's says,"Thanks Ricky for taking the time out...another time maybe???" (Wed 5:38pm)

Ricky says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 5:38pm)

Ali says,"Yeah, just say where and when, it has been a pleasure!" (Wed 5:39pm)

Neil says,"Thanks for your timne ricky see you on tour!" (Wed 5:39pm)

louise says,"Bye, See you soon" (Wed 5:39pm)

Steve says,"Wow - a celebrity in the chatroom. " (Wed 5:41pm)

louise says,"I was totally dumbstruck" (Wed 5:41pm)

Ad's says,"I enjoyed that thanks Steve...." (Wed 5:41pm)

Steve says,"I think we got most of the questions answered. I'll go through the log in a little while." (Wed 5:44pm)

Ad's says,"We'll have to work on Lorraine for Next time...." (Wed 5:45pm)

Steve says,"Yeah... I will" (Wed 5:45pm)

Steve says,"So what does everyone think of the tracklist for the new album?" (Wed 5:46pm)

louise says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 5:46pm)

Ad's says,"I'd have liked Bethlehem's gate..." (Wed 5:47pm)

Ad's says,"I don't know...i just think Rickys hand was pushed to have a few hits on there.." (Wed 5:48pm)

Steve says,"Yeah... I've seen two different tracklistings - one has it - the other doesn't (it has When Will You instead). I'm not sure which is right. (Although I know what I want!)" (Wed 5:48pm)

Steve says,"Looks like everyone else has dropped off..." (Wed 5:50pm)

Ad's says,"I suppose if you have a DB love album you have to have When will you..I'm off in a mo....Leave you to do your web work..." (Wed 5:51pm)

Steve says,"True. I'd have rather it wasn't cluttered up with the Greatest Hits though." (Wed 5:52pm)

Ad's says,"Alright mate...I'm off...If you here of anymore showbiz chats...Let us know...." (Wed 5:56pm)

Steve says,"See you...." (Wed 5:57pm)

Ali says,"Hi there, I was so chuffed to see that Ricky visits the websites, I am glad he has a chance to hear our comments and litening to our input re: gigs!" (Wed 5:57pm)

Steve says,"I thought I was the only one left on.... You've been a bit quiet!" (Wed 5:57pm)

Ad's says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 5:58pm)

louise says,"I just logged on! Hi everybody!" (Wed 5:58pm)

Ali says,"I ogged out (I am in Paris using freeserve!! not sorted out a french ISP yet! International call etc, went away and came back!" (Wed 5:58pm)

louise says,"I've just seen Ricky and Lorraine on the Elaine show on BBC1" (Wed 5:59pm)

Steve says,"Freeserve - from Paris? I don't want your phonebill!!!" (Wed 5:59pm)

Ad's says,"Thats keen Ali..." (Wed 5:59pm)

Ad's says,"Really...No way???" (Wed 5:59pm)

Steve says,"So, did they say anything or sing anything?" (Wed 5:59pm)

Ad's says,"Why were they on there???" (Wed 6:00pm)

louise says,"They sang something - I don't know the title" (Wed 6:00pm)

Ali says,"I am been at BD fan since dignity way back, only started to use the websites since March. since then it has been a daily ritual when I get to work to check the sites....scaredI miss out on anything! Yeah I suposse I am keen I am going or trying to get to 3 concerts by commuting using the Eurostar, not as easy as it sounds!" (Wed 6:00pm)

Ad's says,"You got tickets???" (Wed 6:01pm)

Ali says,"I joined this conversation at 10.10pm ricky mentioned they did Cover form the sjy tonight, don't know whre or when!" (Wed 6:01pm)

Steve says,"So, you're a regular visitor.... Well sites are likely to be updated pretty frequently in the coming weeks." (Wed 6:01pm)

louise says,"I just caught the end of the show just as they started." (Wed 6:02pm)

Ad's says,"Is that a scottish program Louise..." (Wed 6:02pm)

Ali says,"Yeas I have tickets for albert hall, had them for yok before they changed the dates, got a friend with tickets for Dundee!" (Wed 6:02pm)

Steve says,"Ali - I think the band was rehearsing today. The first gig is Friday!" (Wed 6:02pm)

Ad's says,"I think in Rehersal..Ali..." (Wed 6:02pm)

louise says,"Yeah. Elaine C Smith is a scottish comedian" (Wed 6:02pm)

Ad's says,"That explains why I haven't heard it..." (Wed 6:03pm)

Steve says,"When did they change the Albert Hall dates? They're doing two shows." (Wed 6:03pm)

louise says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 6:03pm)

Ali says,"Ahh ok. Has anyone got any decent bootlets on CD thast are not on any of the websites? " (Wed 6:03pm)

Ad's says,"Steves your man...." (Wed 6:04pm)

Ali says,"No they changed the york date. The friday to the Mondat before, that meant two trips from Paris to England! and 2 x time off work! My boss is not THAT understanding!" (Wed 6:04pm)

Steve says,"There's two bootleg CDs. One's from Paris, and the other is Glasgow 91. The Paris one is pretty poor quality (for a CD)" (Wed 6:04pm)

Ad's says,"I wwnt to that Paris gig..." (Wed 6:05pm)

Steve says,"And yes, I might have some boots (Where do you think the MP3s come from?)" (Wed 6:05pm)

Ali says,"I have got a lot of DB stuff on vynal and would love to complie it on CD, has anyone else alreadty done that?" (Wed 6:05pm)

Ad's says,"Isn't the Cash for kids on CD???" (Wed 6:05pm)

Ali says,"MP3's are brilliant - well done for them all, the quality is pretty good." (Wed 6:06pm)

Steve says,"I don't think anyone's compiled the vinyl." (Wed 6:06pm)

Ad's says,"Thats a good concert...." (Wed 6:06pm)

Ali says,"Cash for Kids, is that a radio Tay thing?" (Wed 6:06pm)

Ad's says,"Radio Clyde....." (Wed 6:06pm)

Ali says,"where did they play in Paris? I know they recored Felloe Hoodlum there" (Wed 6:07pm)

Steve says,"If Cash For Kids is on CD, I've never seen it. My MD copy is pretty good though... I think it was broadcast on FM radio....." (Wed 6:07pm)

Ad's says,"Rickys Birthday at the Barrowlands...It was on Radio Clyde..." (Wed 6:07pm)

Steve says,"The CD is from '91 (Check my site for the setlist)" (Wed 6:07pm)

Ad's says,"Thats a question is was in montremarte...Or something like that a small theatre" (Wed 6:08pm)

Ali says,"Any plans to get the vynal stuff compiled. I was about 15 years old when I would spent Saturday at the record fair buying anything by Deacon Blue that was not in woolworths!" (Wed 6:08pm)

Ali says,"Montmartre! Very nice!" (Wed 6:09pm)

Steve says,"I don't have a CDR, (or a record deck anymore) so I can't.... Plus Sony might have something to say....." (Wed 6:09pm)

Ad's says,"Jumble the letters up..Close..." (Wed 6:09pm)

Ali says,"but for personal use......" (Wed 6:10pm)

Ad's says,"Right in the middle of the red light district...." (Wed 6:10pm)

Ali says,"How can we persude ricky to do this again? I was "shocked and stunned" when I realised it was him!" (Wed 6:11pm)

Ad's says,"I'm sure he will from time to time..." (Wed 6:11pm)

Ad's says,"Right in the middle of the red light district...." (Wed 6:12pm)

Steve says,"Re persuading Ricky - I don't know. If he enjoyed tonight, I'm sure he'll be back." (Wed 6:12pm)

Ali says,"I listened to the interview on "over the land at the city" the other day. Ricky said that he thought Lorraine was better off singing cover from the sky. However, I heard once that when they were touring in germany, the crowd got Lorraine to sing it. Any ideas anyone?" (Wed 6:13pm)

Ad's says,"Sorry page cocked up.....Does he still get emails via you Steve" (Wed 6:13pm)

Steve says,"Tonight's chat was agreed at the weekend. I opted for stealth marketing, 'cos I didn't know if the website could cope. " (Wed 6:13pm)

Ad's says,"No I think that was a good Idea..." (Wed 6:14pm)

Steve says,"Ricky's email address goes straight to him - I never see it." (Wed 6:15pm)

Ali says,"also, they changed the words to fit Lorraine unless ricky was singing about "washing mascara from my lashes"!" (Wed 6:15pm)

Ali says,"what is his direct mailing address then?" (Wed 6:16pm)

Ad's says,"Good point...and on that note....I have to run....Really this time...Byeee" (Wed 6:16pm)

Steve says,"His email address is hidden on the site. Look around and you'll find it" (Wed 6:18pm)

Steve says,"And no, he has nothing to do with the site, and does not endorse the site. (I have to say that in case the record company lawyers are watching!)" (Wed 6:17pm)

Ali says,"Great, I will have to go now. Brilliant idea, make sure it happens again soon! Kepp the websire up to date, you are doing a fantastic job, I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I love visiting it!" (Wed 6:19pm)

Steve says,"OK thanks.... Goodnight everyone....." (Wed 6:19pm)

Ali says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 6:19pm)

Steve says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 6:20pm)

Steve says,"Goodbye!" (Wed 6:20pm)