Requests for An Evening With Ricky Ross

Time to retire this one, and leave it up for posterity.

Songs in red or italics (depending on the browser) were done.

Show City Forms Songs Requested
Mar 2 Liverpool 12 Spencer Tracy (3), Your Swaying Arms (2), I Saw Her Standing There, Dignity (4), The Further North You Go (4), Bethlehem's Gate (2), Chocolate Girl (2), Icarus, Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel The Rain (2), I Love You, The Germans Are Out Today (3), Angel & Mercedes, Your Town, Town To Be Blamed (2), Who'll Stop The Rain?, When Will You..., Orphans (2), Look of Love, Raintown (3), Love and Regret (2), Loaded, When Sinners Fall, All I Want, Closing Time, What You Are, My America (2), Only Tender Love
Mar 3 London 11 Love Isn't Hard It's Strong,Dignity, The Germans Are Out Today (2), What You Are,The Further North You Go (2), Bethlehem's Gate, Chocolate Girl (3), Icarus, Circus Lights (2), Angel & Mercedes, Who'll Stop The Rain (2), I Sing About You, Plastic Shoes, Loaded (2), Closing Time, I'm Sure Buddy Would Know (2), James Joyce Soles, Fall So Freely Down, Like A Rolling Stone, The Very Thing, Wreck On the Highway, In The Pines, Shifting Sand, You Don't Understand, The Wildness, Back Here In Beanoland, Radio On (2), Cold Easter, Ash Wednesday
Mar 4 Macclesfield 0  
Mar 5 Coventry 4 Icarus, What You Are (2), Love Isn't Hard It's Strong (2), Vision On, The Further North You Go, Gentle Teardrops, Little India, When Will You..., Loaded, Dignity, Love and Regret, Back Here In Beanoland, Bethlehem's Gate, I'll Get You
Mar 6 Cambridge 2 What You Are, I Love You, Town To Be Blamed, When Sinners Fall, Orphans, Chocolate Girl, Bethlehem's Gate, Dignity
Mar 7 Southampton 5 Circus Lights, Fall So Freely Down, Gentle Teardrops, Any Prince Cover, Ribbons and Bows, Closing Time (2), Your Constant Heart, Orphans, Loaded (2), Back Here In Beanoland (2), What You Are, Dignity, Your Swaying Arms, Love and Regret (2), Bethlehem's Gate, Jesus Do These Hands Still Feel The Rain