Newcastle CD Tree Structure

Here's the structure for the tree. Search for your name below. Then get in touch with the branch above you. (So if you are leaf 1C1, you need to contact branch 1C. If you are branch 2A, you'll get the CD from branch 2, and will send out CDs to leafs 2A1-2A5.)

All branches should do the trades as blanks and postage or 2:1. Blanks and postage means you send two CDRs to your, along with return postage. (For the UK it usually works out at 77p to mail 2 CDs in a padded envelope.) For overseas trades, it may work out easier to do a 2:1 trade, where you send four blank CDs to your branch, and the branch will keep two to cover the postage.

As a leaf, you should contact your branch as soon as possible to sort out the terms of the trade. If you run into problems, email me.

Branches 1, 2 and 3 should have the master CDs shortly. I expect the second level branches (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D etc) to have them by March 21st. Good luck, and enjoy the CDs.

MASTER - Steve Edwards (
	BRANCH 1 Andy Smith (
		BRANCH 1A Tim Morgan (
			LEAF 1A1 James Packwood (
			LEAF 1A2 Mark Speechley (
			LEAF 1A3 Mike Ray (
		BRANCH 1B Colin Butler (
			LEAF 1B1 David Andrews (
			LEAF 1B2 Chris Jupp (
			LEAF 1B3 Rik Watson (
			LEAF 1B4 Dale Barnes (
			LEAF 1B5 David Metcalfe (
		BRANCH 1C Rafa Lateigui (   *** SPAIN ***
			LEAF 1C1 Angel Gonzalez Lucero (
			LEAF 1C2 MĒ Victoria Morales Corcelles (
		BRANCH 1D Joseph Morris (  *** EIRE ***
	BRANCH 2 Paul Hollins (
		BRANCH 2A Graham Somerville (
			LEAF 2A1 Dan Forster ( o
			LEAF 2A2 Alex Pearce (
			LEAF 2A3 Adam Rowse (
			LEAF 2A4 Ailsa Cantlay (
			LEAF 2A5 Malcolm Tanner (
		BRANCH 2B Lorenzo Acanfora (
			LEAF 2B1 Paul Kennett (
			LEAF 2B2 Jim Boyle (
			LEAF 2B3 Steve Clough (
			LEAF 2B4 Steve Moore (
			LEAF 2B5 Neil McAleece (
		BRANCH 2C Richard Bannister (
			LEAF 2C1 Paul Valentine (
			LEAF 2C2 Dave Hayward (
			LEAF 2C3 Stewart  Hunter (
			LEAF 2C4 Peter Lewis (
			LEAF 2C5 Susan Cook (
		BRANCH 2D Eric Weeks (   ***USA ***
			LEAF 2D1 Mark Renner (
			LEAF 2D2 Mike Evans (
			LEAF 2D4 John Collins (
			LEAF 2D5 Donald Ruscigno (
			LEAF 2D6 Anthony Griffin (
	BRANCH 3 Jason Perry (
		BRANCH 3A Dean Price (
			LEAF 3A1 Nicola Martin (
			LEAF 3A2 Richard Burton (
			LEAF 3A3 David Wright (
			LEAF 3A4 Allan Pascoe (
		BRANCH 3B Jelger Groenveld (  *** NETHERLANDS ***
			LEAF 3B1 Patrick Moriau (  *** BELGIUM ***
			LEAF 3B2 Alison Lafferty (  *** FRANCE ***
			LEAF 3B3 Astrid Anhalt ( *** GERMANY ***
			LEAF 3B4 Andreas Verpoort ( *** GERMANY ***
		BRANCH 3C Ian Rutherford (
			LEAF 3C1 Virginia Arechavala (
			LEAF 3C2 Andrea Knott (
			LEAF 3C3 Sharon Ward (
			LEAF 3C4 Paul Wright (
			LEAF 3C5 Pablo del Rio (